mira bootcamp software training

Mira Technologies has prepared a bootcamp for youth who have a passion for computer software and are willing to become experts.
Register now and be an expert before Christmas, weekly classes and weekend classes are available.

For Further enquires, call or chat us on +234(0)8139432906

  1. Employment opportunities for the best candidates upon successful completion
  2. Certificate of participation upon successful completion of the bootcamp
  3. Free Wifi
  4. An opportunity to become a full-stack developer


Web Fundamental Courses

  1. PHP, MySQL, Vue
  2. PHP, MySQL, Angular
  3. PHP, MySQL, React
  4. Node.js, MySQL, Vue
  5. Node.js, MySQL, Angular
  6. Node.js, MySQL, React
  7. ASP.NET, MySQL, Vue
  8. ASP.NET, MySQL, Angular
  9. ASP.NET, MySQL, React

Masters Classes

  1. Mobile Development: React Native / Flutter
  2. Secure Coding / Cyber Security

We will guide you from introduction to mobile development using flutter then to professional mobile development.

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